Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunny Somewhere

Very beary delicious brownie! You can create this beach scene, too, if you're pressed for an idea to bring for dessert and if you have a dose of baking insanity (aka Sprinkles Magic).

I brought this to Kristey's house last Saturday for an evening with her and Myrna. We also got to see her backyard beach and the tiki bar upgrade her husband made. They are officially ready for serious entertaining in their big yard.

Wouldn't you know it? Rain. We had to enjoy everything from the confines of her living room instead as the dark sky and continued precipitation discouraged any outdoor appreciation.

Luckily, these bears were there to remind us that is was sunny somewhere:

The beach sand was made with processed mini graham bear cookies (eek!) and those that survived the food processor were allowed to bask the indoor sun and enjoy the water made of blue tinted sugar gel. (Hint: Spread gel first before the sand - you'll thank me for it!) Their towels were cut from the bottoms of cupcake liners. You know my drink parasols had to be included as their umbrellas! The sand barriers in the back were mini stick pretzels lined against the cake. Underneath is a vanilla frosted fudgey (dense not cakey!) brownie cake.

More details...Notice the green decorating sugar near the pretzel sticks -- I needed "grass". Basking bears were stuck to the paper with a dot of white vanilla frosting. The floating rings in the blue gel were made of oval dollops of shimmering pink gel with the bears plunged in.

The girls laughed, took pictures and later we all had a sampling. I made them transfer parts of it in separate containers for themselves so I wasn't tempted at home.

Bringing you a smile and scenes of the sun,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Date an Asian Man Video

I clicked. I watched. I was speechless...

...because I was laughing my ass off:

WARNING: Song contains some profanity.